Welcome To New Seasons - Adult Family Homes, Incorporated
Providing Caring
Assisted Living
For Developmentally Disabled Adults and The Elderly 
     At New Seasons, we understand that finding quality Assisted Living can be a painfully time-consuming task.

     Often it is a time of anxiety and concern over finding the best place for your family member to stay.You are looking for someone who can understand the needs you have and someone who is able to assist in
meeting those needs.
     New Seasons Adult Family Homes will partner with you in order to accomplish assisted living goals.
We take time during your initial visit to listen to your concerns. We understand the importance of the type of home
environment and we seek to provide
a family atmosphere for each of our residents.
     Our CEO - DeLois Kenner has devoted her entire life to helping others and is involved in the day-to-day operations of each home. 
Our staff is trained to interact individually with each resident and to make them "feel at home".

With a range of activities we encourage each resident to
participate to their best ability level.
We understand that assisted living is sometimes perceived as the "last resort" when considering options for
living arrangements.  We hope to change this perception by providing quality care in modern, spacious and
well-kept homes.
Whether you are entering assisted living for the first time, or transitioning from other living arrangements
we will work with you to ensure your experience with us is pleasant and productive.  
As you page through our website feel free to jot down
any questions you may have for us. We trust you will find
this site helpful! 
Our primary objective is ...... 
 "To Make This Season
             The Best Season of your life!"
Whether you are in need of short-term recovery assistance
or long term extended care, please contact us:
New Seasons Adult Family Homes, Incorporated
Business Office
Kenosha, Wisconsin 53142
Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm